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Tips for Grass Fishing

May 2, 2011 9:26 am
posted by Terry

Fishing for smallmouth bass in the grass can be a rewarding catch if a few simple tips are followed.  If the line on your Shimano spinning fishing reel is getting hung up, then the grass is too thick for the bass.  Try fishing in grass that is no taller than 3 feet and is surrounded by water that is at least 5 feet deep.  Look for bare spots throughout the grassy area and then cast your favorite jerkbait in one of those spots.

If fishing from a boat, try to keep 15 feet away from your target area.  Your goal is to catch the bass, not to spook them with your boat.

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Catching Walleye – How to Troll

April 29, 2011 10:21 am
posted by Terry

If you are fishing for bottom feeding fish like walleye, you need a fishing reel that you can handle easily. Your reel should not spin out of control if you are dragging your line to lure fish that are feeding on the bottom. A baitcasting reel isn’t that much different from any other reel that uses a fishing lure. Your objective is to bait your hook and be confident that your bait won’t be pulled off by the bottom fish who are used to nibbling at food rather than at snapping at lures. Using a bait that can stay in one piece until the walleye decides to swallow it whole is your main objective. If your bait can be pulled off in bits and pieces, you will be trolling a long time before you catch a fish. Trolling for fish is fun if you have patience and can maneuver your fishing pole from side to side.

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Fishing License Laws

April 28, 2011 10:16 am
posted by Terry

Now that warmer weather is here you may be wanting to go fishing with your favorite fishing reel. You may also be wondering if you need a fishing license to catch and release the fish. The answer to this question is yes. You do need a fishing license even if you are going to release the fish. However, in some places you can use your favorite Fishing Reel without a license. One of these places is the marine district of New York. Although you do not currently need a license to fish here, there will be a no fee registry for you to sign. It is thought that this registry will be available in June 2011. If you desire, you can also get a lifetime fishing license. This would eliminate the need of getting your fishing license renewed.

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Tips for Ram-Feeding Bass

April 26, 2011 10:04 am
posted by Terry

Ram-feeding is when the bass moves forward quickly and overtakes its prey.  For the bass that are exhibiting this type of behavior, the angler has many choices of live baits that can be used in this situation.  However, the angler also needs to consider the type of Cayenne baitcasting fishing reel being used, the lake’s foliage, and the water temperature.

Live baits that can be used in this situation are worms, leaches, frogs and minnows.  Try to match the bait with the lakes foliage.  If the bait does not seem to be luring the bass, then try a different kind.  Last but not least, if the water temperature is below 55 degrees, try using a minnow for this type of feeding behavior.

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Three Feeding Behaviors of Bass

April 25, 2011 9:00 am
posted by Terry

Largemouth bass have three types of feeding behaviors.  These feeding behaviors can make or break an angler catching limit for the day.  So it is important for the angler to have his Citrix fishing reel and at least three different types of lures or bait that would match the bass feeding behavior of the day.

Basically there are three types of feeding behaviors.  The first of these is called ram-feeding.  Ram-feeding is when the bass moves forward quickly and overtakes its prey.  The next type of behavior is called suction.  The bass sucks in the prey along with the water around it.  The last type of behavior is known as biting.  In biting, the bass is in the chewing mood and is just waiting for the lure or bait to drop nearby its nesting area.

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