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Spoonbill Fishing Tips

March 7, 2011 10:04 am
posted by Terry

The season to fish for spoonbill is at hand, but beware it’s not legal in every state to fish for a spoonbill. Spoonbill fishing can be addictive because of how this fish is caught. The only way to catch a spoonbill is to snag them.

Snagging is done by dragging a 10/0 -12/0 barbless treble hook with a five to sixteen ounce weight using either man power or boat power (trolling). Be sure to use a 10 – 12 foot stout surf rod with your favorite baitcasting reel. Last but not least, the weight of your line should be at least 60 pounds. When one sees the tip of your rod start to bend, start to reel and hang on for the fight.

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Topwater Baits

March 4, 2011 10:17 am
posted by Terry

Topwater baits are probably the number one bait used for catching many different types of fresh or saltwater fish. This bait is most effective when water temperatures are above 55 degrees. Topwater baits can be used in the open water or along shallow shorelines.

Topwater baits also come in many different colors and varieties. Choose a bait color that would match the color of bait creatures found at the bottom of your fishing hole, then cast the bait out with your favorite baitcasting reel. Upcoming blogs will discuss different types of topwater baits.

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Catching Walleyes on Stickbait

March 2, 2011 9:12 am
posted by Terry

Stickbait is another topwater bait that anglers are using to catch walleye. This bait works best in open water, tree lines and even around boat docks. However, it takes some patience and time to learn to use this bait.

When using a stickbait, an angler needs to learn the technique of twitching the rod. With practice, this lure will dance and attract the walleye. As always use a dependable baitcasting reel with this bait to avoid backlashes.

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