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Pflueger Summit Fly Reel

If someone wants to be “the man”, then they have to end their fishing trips with the catch of the day. The only way that anyone is going to be able to do that is by having superior equipment. When someone speaks of superior equipment, they are of course talking about the pflueger trio.

The first advantage a fisherman is going to experience with superior equipment is more accurate casting. This allows fishing near the brush or under a tree. It’s impossible to catch the biggest fish of the trip if the lure never gets put in front of them.

The next advantage a fisherman is  going to experience with the pflueger trio is professional control. This offers two distinct advantages. The first advantage this gives the fishermen is greater lure control, which is going to better entice the larger fish into striking. The second advantage gives the fisherman more response from the setup. The fisherman is going to feel the strike easier and this setup will give more feedback. No longer will a fisherman try to set the hook when he gets snagged on a little bit of moss.

The pflueger trio is truly the difference in bringing home money at the end of the tournament, or simply going home unhappy wondering why other anglers are able to land the trophy fish.

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