Bass Fishing Knots Part IV


San Diego Knot Jam

A four way to tie a bass knot is by using the San Diego Knot Jam, which is a versatile and popular knot developed by fishermen in San Diego. Step 1 – pass the end of the line through the eye of hook or lure. Pinch hook between the little finger and palm of the other hand. Step 2 – loop the tag over the index finger and make 7 wraps from the double line down to the end. Step 3 -Use the tag between the double lines below the final wrap and use the index finger to bring the loop back. Remove your finger after you made a loop from below. Lastly, simply moisten the lines and pull end tight sliding the knot down to the eye to tighten your line.

Try this knot out the next time with your baitcasting reel.

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