Four Fishing Tips For Choosing Grub Colors


  1. On a sunny day, smallmouths seem to be attracted to the smoke color grub.  This grub is used in clear water during spring and fall season
  2. When fishing on a cloudy or rainy day a chartreuse color grub seems to grab the attention of bass.  If the fishing water is stained (dark color) or visibility is poor, this bright colored grub works great.  The brighter the color, the more visible it is to the bass that is in the muddy, murky water.
  3. For the angler that is fishing in cold stained water, the pumpkin color grub works the best because it resembles a crawfish.  This grub works best when used in early spring.
  4. Last but not least, attach the grub to the line on a pflueger spinning reel.  A quality pflueger spinning reel can make a fishing adventure more enjoyable and allows the anglers the ability to make a precise cast.
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10:31 am | by Terry

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