Catching Walleye – How to Troll

If you are fishing for bottom feeding fish like walleye, you need a fishing reel that you can handle easily. Your reel should not spin out of control if you are dragging your line to lure fish that are feeding on the bottom. A baitcasting reel isn’t that much different from any other reel that uses a fishing lure. Your objective is to bait your hook and be confident that your bait won’t be pulled off by the bottom fish who are used to nibbling at food rather than at snapping at lures. Using a bait that can stay in one piece until the walleye decides to swallow it whole is your main objective. If your bait can be pulled off in bits and pieces, you will be trolling a long time before you catch a fish. Trolling for fish is fun if you have patience and can maneuver your fishing pole from side to side.

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