Central Oklahoma Fishing Report July 4 – July 9

White Bass

Fish here are even biting.  Go fishing and be sure to bring your baitcasting reel.

Hefner: July 5. Elevation below normal, water 78-92 and clear. Largemouth bass fair on jigs and deep crankbaits at 6-20 ft. along the weeds and rocks. Smallmouth bass fair on jigs and deep crankbaits at 6-20 ft. along rocky banks. White bass good on lipless crankbaits and sassy shad at 4-12 ft. along riprap and trolling. Striped bass hybrids fair trolling deep running crankbaits at 15-25 ft. Channel catfish good on cut bait and prepared bait at 10-20 ft. along rocky shorelines. Blue catfish good on cut bait, punchbait and worms at 10-30 ft. along rocky banks. Flathead catfish fair on live bait at 10-20 ft. along the dam. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 15-30 ft. along the dam. Walleye fair trolling deep crankbaits at 4-12 ft. along windy points and humps. Sunfish and bluegill good on worms and small jigs all around the lake. Report submitted by Lucky Lure Tackle.

Overholser: July 5. Elevation 5 ft. below normal, water murky. Striped bass hybrids slow to fair. Channel catfish slow to fair on stinkbait, cut bait and crawdads early and late. Report submitted by Ron Comer, game warden stationed in Canadian County.

Thunderbird: July 3. Elevation 2 1/3 ft. below normal, water clear. Crappie fair on minnows and small jigs at 6-10 ft. on structure. Channel catfish fair to good on earthworms or stinkbait at the twin bridges area. White bass good on jigs, sassy shad and medium-diving crankbaits along humps and points; also look for surfacing behavior in early morning and late evening. Report submitted by Tony Woodruff, game warden stationed in Cleveland County.

Wes Watkins: July 4. Elevation 3 1/2 ft. below normal, water 89 and clear. White bass fair trolling the main part of the lake. Crappie fair on minnows along the timber line. Report submitted by Mike France, game warden stationed in Pottawatomie County.

Reported by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.

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