Crappie Fishing With Color Lures

Having the right fishing reel and rod is important when fishing for crappie, but what about the color.  Does color make a difference?  Many anglers think color does matter.

Choosing the right color of a fishing lure depends on two factors.  The first factor most anglers consider is water clarity.  If the water if clear, try using light colors that blend in with the water natural forage.  Some of the top picks are silver, gold, gray, green, and chartreuse-yellow.  However, if the water is dark and muddy, choose brighter color lures.  These colors include:  fluorescent orange and pink, purple and chartreuse-green.

Besides water clarity, anglers also think a sunny or cloudy day can also effect the color of lure.  On a sunny day, try bright colors, white, yellow, and hot pinks.  If the day is cloudy, try using browns, greens, and black color lures.

Finding the right color of lure can be overwhelming and expensive.  Just buy a few at a time to build up your collection and eventually you’ll know what works best for you.

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