Fishing With Jerkbaits

There are many methods of fishing including the old drop and wait, trolling from a boat, casting and retrieving and fishing with a jerkbait. Several things must be taken into consideration when using jerkbaits with the most important being that the water should be fairly clear. When fishing for bass with a jerkbait, the bait must simulate the fish’s food preference and the action of the bait will trigger a bite reflex.

There are two types of jerkbait, hard and soft and the main difference between the two are the hooks. Hard jerkbaits have treble hooks and tend to lose fish in very heavy cover. The soft jerkbaits use a single worm hook, they are pliable and therefore tend not to hang up in weeds. A baitcaster reel is preferred and the rod action used, whether long or short, should be kept constant so the fish can time their strike.

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