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Potomac River Midday Update Day 2

June 17, 2016 11:04 am
Day two of the Costa FLW Series presented by Plano the Potomac River will likely bring about a good bit of leaderboard shuffling. Overall, numbers seemed to be down, but we saw a few more quality fish scattered among several competitors.

Potomac River Top 5 Patterns Day 1

June 16, 2016 7:53 pm
Focusing on a certain habitat scenario at a particular tidal stage was the ticket for West Virginia's Bill Chapman, who topped day one of the Costa FLW Series Northern Division event presented by Plano with 17 pounds, 15 ounces. Chapman used one bait to catch all of his fish. Here's how the rest of the top five anglers caught their fish on day one.

Chapman Leads on the Potomac

2:53 pm
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Bill Chapman of Salt Rock, W.Va., caught a five-bass limit that weighed 17 pounds, 15 ounces to lead day one of the Costa FLW Series Northern Division opener presented by Plano on the Potomac River.

Potomac River Midday Update Day 1

11:34 am
Day one of the Costa FLW Series Northern Division opener presented by Plano on the Potomac River got off to a better-than-expected start, as this tidal fishery dodged the forecasted stormy weather. Overcast skies delivered a few light showers, but midday saw the arrival of partly sunny conditions.

Good Grass Awaits on the Potomac

4:42 am
Tides, grass and perhaps the best fishing the Potomac River has offered in years are all set to greet 144 boaters and co-anglers on the first day of competition in the Costa FLW Series Northern Division. The Potomac River event is presented by Plano and hosted by the Charles County Board of Commissioners and is being held right about a week earlier than last year's Potomac River stop of the Walmart FLW Tour. With any luck, the fishing should be even better than the pros saw last June.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

2:24 am
If you're looking for inspiration for a Father's Day gift then we've got you covered. Assuming dad likes to fish, any of the following would make a great gift.

Barkley All-American Top 10 Patterns

June 15, 2016 6:15 am
FLW Bass Fishing League All-American champion Jeremy Lawyer compiled his winning weight of 50 pounds, 12 ounces on Lake Barkley by establishing a milk run of sorts that included offshore brush piles, terraced ledges at the mouths of bays and feeder creeks, and stretches of bank that were close to channel drop-offs. Others in the top 10 followed Lawyer's script to some degree, with a few notable exceptions. The most important difference between him and his closest competitors was that he was able to count on a few big bites all three days, and get them in the boat.

Northern Division Set to Kick Off on Potomac

5:33 am
Up and down the water will rise, and with it will go the hopes and chances of Costa FLW Series anglers later this week when the Northern Division kicks off on the tidewater system of the Potomac River. The tournament, which is June 16-18, is presented by Plano and hosted by the Charles County Board of Commissioners.

Inside Look: Roy Hawk’s AOY Season

4:09 am
Hawk executed his 2016 Western Division season to near-perfection: three consecutive top-10 finishes, two finishes in the top three, nearly $27,000 in tournament winnings and an AOY title to boot. What made his season a success? It's simple, according to Hawk.

So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance?

June 14, 2016 7:27 am
On day two, I made my 75-mile commute only to find a local sitting on my best offshore spot. I asked politely if I could fish, and he had zero intentions of letting me. I then got to watch him boat a 7-pound largemouth. Ouch.

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