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Top 5 Patterns from the Cal Delta Day 1

6:21 pm
Arizona pro Matt Shura took the early lead on the California Delta with a mix of slow-moving and reaction baits. Others in the top five had similar success with a mixed bag of baits. Here's how they got it done on day one.

Cal Delta Rayovac Midday Update Day 1

1:44 pm
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A brisk, stiff wind blew across the California Delta this morning when 127 boats left Russo's Marina on Bethel Island for the start of the Rayovac FLW Series Western Division tournament presented by Ranger. You might call the early action good, but not quite "Delta good." Translation: Pros and co-anglers are yanking on tons of fish, but it's been a bit challenging to find the California giants that everyone expected to see this week. A recent onslaught of strong winds, especially today's north wind, is partly to blame.

Anything Goes at the Cal Delta

8:40 am
There are 127 pros entered in the Rayovac FLW Series Western Division tournament presented by Ranger at the California Delta this week. If you asked them all what their baits or tactics are for the first day of competition today, you might get 127 different answers. At some fisheries that FLW's tournament circuits visit, such varied and often vague responses from pros when they're prompted for fishing info are the result of them attempting to stealthily hide their fishing patterns. That's not exactly the case at this tournament. The fact is, the California Delta is one of the most vast and varied fisheries that hosts FLW events. It's a collection of unique mini-fisheries all rolled into one, with dirty water, clean water, tons of vegetation and other factors tossed into the mix. It's a tidal fishery, so the water levels and currents fluctuate throughout each day. And, of course, it's spring in California, and because of the vastness of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and the delta system they feed, with its 1,000 miles of waterways, there are populations of bass in all stages of the spawn in their own little geographic areas.

Tornadoes Sweep Across Oklahoma

9:00 am
2014 Rayovac FLW Series Champion Zack Birge, whose appears in the Central Division Tournament on Kentucky Lake was cut short by tornados at his home town in Oklahoma, characterized the damage to his house as "a near miss."

Big Weights Likely at the Cal Delta

7:58 am
This week's California Delta stop of the Rayovac FLW Series Western Division is setting up to be a typical Cal Delta derby - that's a very good thing.

Blog: Make a Plan and Work the Plan

6:00 am
I'm not going to sugarcoat it: I'm bombarded with an array of emotions and a new to-do list every day. I'm not good enough. I don't have the money. Make a Facebook post. Call mom. I don't have enough time. I'm too tired. I'll be treated poorly. Rig rods. Do sponsor work. People won't like me. My son will miss me. I'll miss my family.

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