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Reeltime Report, Forrest Wood Cup Day 4 at Red River

August 19, 2013 7:42 am
EverStart pro Randall Tharp wins the Forrest Wood Cup. The Honeybadger shares about being in the zone when he fishes shallow.

Tharp raises Red River Cup

August 18, 2013 9:19 pm
SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, La. - Two years ago, Randall Tharp fished a nearly-flawless Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita but took second to Scott Martin and a big school of offshore bass. Tharp prepared for the 2013 Cup knowing that deep fish weren't an option on the Red River. Everything was shallow and positioned around dense cover - right in the honey badger's wheelhouse.

Quick Bites: Forrest Wood Cup, Red River, Day 4

8:12 pm
In 2011, EverStart team pro Randall Tharp of Port Saint Joe, Fla., thought he had fished the perfect Forrest Wood Cup only to lose out at the very end to FLW Tour pro Scott Martin on Lake Ouachita. Although Tharp walked away from that tournament $100,000 richer, he couldn't help but think of what might have been.

Reeltime Report, Forrest Wood Cup Day 3 at Red River

August 17, 2013 10:46 pm
Thrift takes the lead from Tharp by four ounces on Day 3 of the Forrest Wood Cup at the Red River.

Thrift, Tharp flip flop at top

8:59 pm
SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, La. - Thanks to a late-day kicker, Bryan Thrift and Randall Tharp swapped places at the top of the standings at the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup. Instead of Tharp leading by 4 ounces, Thrift sits perched at the top by the same margin with one day remaining on the Red River.

Quick Bites: Forrest Wood Cup, Red River, Day 3

7:45 pm
A change at the top ... For two straight days, EverStart team pro Randall Tharp of Port Saint Joe, Fla., had led the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup. Well today that all changed ... just barely.

Reeltime Report, Forrest Wood Cup Day 2 at Red River

August 16, 2013 11:28 pm
At the end of day 2, EverStart pro Randall Tharp leads by 4 ounces with Chevy pros Bryan Thrift and Larry Nixon close behind.

Corcoran crushes it

10:18 pm
SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, La. - Most anglers dream from a young age of one day having the shot to claim the Forrest Wood Cup title. A dream that only a handful of those anglers will ever fulfill. At 23 years old, however, Theo Corcoran made the dream he has had since he was 5 come true in an emotional victory to claim the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup title for the co-angler field.

Virtual tie at the top

9:54 pm
SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, La. - As if they were following a script on how to win the Forrest Wood Cup, pros Randall Tharp and Bryan Thrift followed up their giant opening-day bags with nearly identical 11-pound catches Friday. Tharp technically increased his lead from an ounce to 4 ounces, but Larry Nixon made the biggest move, catching a 14-pound, 5-ounce stringer to come within 2 pounds of the leaders.

Quick Bites: Forrest Wood Cup, Red River, Day 2

9:17 pm
By the start of day two, the new conventional wisdom was that the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup was now simply a two-man duel between Tharp and Thrift. While that narrative made perfect sense at the time, multiple-day, high-stakes bass-fishing tournaments sometimes have a tendency to veer off from a carefully written script.

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