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Reeltime Report, Day 1 at Lake Eufaula

May 16, 2013 9:50 pm
The bass were scattered from 20 inches to 20 feet and everywhere in between on Day 1 at Lake Eufaula.

Lucas leads funky Eufaula

6:43 pm
EUFAULA, Ala. - To say Lake Eufaula is currently in transition is a gross understatement. Bass are spawning, guarding fry, gobbling shad and hanging out on deep structure. The diversity offered is great, but none of the patterns are particularly reliable and strong right now. That's why pro leader Justin Lucas sampled both shallow and deep water on day one.

Circuit Breaker: Beaver Lake

12:00 pm
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FLW is following Tour pro Casey Martin during his rookie season as he makes the transition from co-angler to pro in pursuit of his dream of becoming a professional angler. The third episode of 'Circuit Breaker' joins Martin on the road in Rogers, Ark., during the FLW Tour stop on Beaver Lake.

Delta delivers dim, dreary day

10:57 am
OAKLEY, Calif. - After several weeks of mostly warm, sunny conditions, day one of the EverStart Series Western Division tournament on the California Delta brought overcast skies and about a 15-degree temperature drop. As cold fronts go, this late-season deal is relatively minor. Nevertheless, it will change the game enough to merit strategic considerations.

Eufaula fishing wide open

7:34 am
EUFAULA, Ala. - Lake Eufaula officially marks the start of the second season, as the Walmart FLW Tour commenced its fourth of six qualifying events Thursday morning. The first half of the year featured mostly shallow-water angling with the second half promising to be dominated deep and offshore. But Mother Nature has had other plans during this cool and unpredictable spring. As a result, Eufaula is still fishing wide open with bass spawning, guarding fry and slowly making their way out to the Chattahoochee river ledges.

Back Story: In the heart of the Rockies, tournament dreams persist

May 15, 2013 5:15 pm
If you stepped outside Tyler Stingley's house and looked around, this is what you'd see: Toward the west, the Absaroka Range of the Rocky Mountains hang like smoke on the far side of a rippling ocean of hills; to the east loom the snowcapped Bighorn Mountains with their green skirt of lodgepole pines; north and south, a vast plain checkerboarded by verdant farmlands and barren badlands stretches beyond sight in either direction.

Pre-Tournament Report from Lake Eufaula with JT Kenney

10:00 am
StraightTalk pro JT Kenney works hard at his job fishing.

Pro Tips Weekly: Jimmy Houston

8:00 am
When you go to a lake you've never been to before, and don't know anything about it, chances are you're going to be baffled at first as far as knowing where to start.

Pre-Tournament Report from Lake Eufaula with Peter Thliveros

May 14, 2013 10:37 pm
FLW Tour pro Peter T has some experience with Lake Eufaula.

Pre-Tournament Report from Lake Eufaula with Dan Morehead

5:03 pm
FLW Tour pro Dan Morehead talks about the ledges at Lake Eufaula.

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