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Grub Tackle and Retrieves Part II

June 2, 2011 9:25 am
posted by Terry


The dart and the drop are two other retrieves used by bass anglers.  Once again the angler will need his best spinning reel with light line.  Both of these retrieves are used out in open water.  The dart is a retrieve used to catch schooling bass.  In this retrieve, the anglers cast the grub just ahead of the school bass and let the grub sink about a foot.  Next the angler pops the rod tip, so the grub will dart out and catch the attention of the schooling bass.  The angler can repeat this action again if it did not trigger a reaction from the bass.

Another retrieve used is the drop.  This retrieve is used by sloping structures such as steep points, bluffs, and chunk-rock channels.  The angler positions his/her boat in front of the sloping structure.  The next step is to cast the grub near the structure.  Then wait for it to land in the water and pop the rod tip.  Just before the grub hits the water, it is popped up again.  When it lands in the water the second time, remember to let the grub sink a little farther into the water.  The angler continues with this action until the grub is by the boat.  When the line twitches or jumps, the angler sets the hook for the bass.

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Grub Tackle and Retrieves Part I

June 1, 2011 10:20 am
posted by Terry


Basically there are four basic retrieves with grubs.  However before learning the retrieves, the angler needs spinning tackle.  Purchase a quality spinning reel with a medium to heavy weight 6 foot graphite rod.  Use a 6 to 8 pound monofilament line that is abrasion-resistant and has a little stretch.  If your line doesn’t stretch, it may break when reeling in the bass.

After purchasing the tackle, the angler is ready to learn how to fish with a grub.  Fishing with a grub is not hard to do but will probably require some practice.  The easiest retrieve to master is the swim.  This retrieve works best when your boat is surrounded by 8 to 10 feet deep water.  Cast your line and let your grub sink to the bottom.  When your grub hits bottom reel in quickly so the grub explodes off the bottom and then reel it in slowly so your grub looks like it is swimming naturally.  This retrieve really tends to set off smallmouths that are sunning by an isolated stump or rock.

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