Learning to Use Baitcasting Reels

Like many anglers, I started out using a spincast reel. The closed face spincast reel provides trouble free casting- who doesn’t want that? Still, I was curious about baitcasting reels. I figured that there must be some sort of advantage to using a baitcasting reel if so many fishermen I respect use them.

I called up a buddy who has several baitcasting reels and asked him to show me the ropes. Let me tell you, a baitcasting reel is not easy to master, at all! The effort put into learning to use a baitcasting reel is worth it. I loved being able to feel every play; you get a better sense of what is going on below the water. As a side note, you don’t have to replace your lures; I use crank baits, spinners, and top waters with my baitcast reel.

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