The Soft Stick and Fishing

It may not sound all that great but “soft sticks” are about as good a lure as you can get, especially in the hands of a skilled fisherman. Soft sticks are just another term for bait such as centipedes, flukes and Senkos. You have two types of soft sticks, jerk baits and fry worms. Jerk baits are called that simply because they mimic the name. The go from a dead stick to jerking in the water. Fry worms look like a french fry. The great things about all types of these baits are the fact they come in different colors (we have to keep the women happy). Baitcaster reels love these types of lures because they can work together very well with minimal friction towards each other. In other words, one compliments the other.

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9:12 am | by Terry

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